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Fleet Compliance Solution



Fleet Compliance Solution

Compliance? We got you Covered.

New England Mobile offers one of the leading ELD options in the entire industry!

Geotab Authorized Reseller

Why Geotab?

1 million devices in operation 2 billion data points collected daily, 120+ engineers
Fleet Compliance Solution

For more than 15 years, Geotab has brought innovation, expertise and open platform technology to businesses of all sizes — including Fortune 500 companies and North America’s largest fleets. With 120+ engineers on staff, over 1 million devices in operation and billions of data points collected daily, Geotab consistently ranks among the top leaders in technology innovation. We can help you meet compliance, optimize your fleet, increase productivity and much more. 

New England Mobile offers different ELD options. Whether you need ELD's for a fleet of 100 or just for 1, We got you covered.

Geotab Drive

Geotab Drive

We offer Top of The Line ELD Tablets, GArmin ELD's and also a Bring Your Own Device Plan that is a good option for smaller companies or single drivers. 

Easy To USe ELD


New England Mobile Offers Training For Your Drivers But Most Will Not Need it Because This System Is So Easy To Use! When The Vehicle Begins To Travel AT a certain speed, The System Automatically sets itself to Drive. As long as your drivers remember to select On Duty & Off Duty, You are good to go!

nobody is perfect so you also have the ability to edit your driver's logs in myGetoab. New ENgland Mobile is Always here to help guide you. 

Easy To Use DVIR

DVIR Inspection Log

Reminds Drivers To Claim Any Unassigned Logs

HOS Logs
Fleet Compliance Solution

Convenient Night Mode To Help Your Drivers See When It's Dark

Fleet Compliance Solution
convenient night mode for ELD
stopped by DOT

Stopped By DOT?

With Geotab Drive You & Your Drivers Can Breathe Easy!

HOS Compliance Graph

We Offer Training On What To Do When You Are Stopped By DOT. There Are Just A Couple Steps To Pull Up Your Compliance Graph And Transfer It. We also Provide Easy to Use Guides Made for The Driver & The DOT Official to Make Life Easier.

HOS Compliance Graph

They Are Automatically Downloaded To Your Device Or If you Bring Your Own Device we can Instruct You on How To Download Them.

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