2-Way LED 3,000 foot Range Remote Start System

 Model: NEM-NU2W 

 3,000 Ft Range, Water Resistant Remote System with 2way LED Confirmation. 

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 Control Module 

2way remote 

2way Antenna 


  • 2 way LED Confirmation

  • Remote Start

  • Drone Mobile Ready*

  • Remote Upgradable

  • Water-Resistant Remote

  • Limited Lifetime 
    System Warranty


  • 1,000' Max Range

  • Keyless Entry Option

  • Diesel Engine Safe *

  • 1-Yr Remote Warranty

  • Automatic Vehicles Only

  • Trunk Release *


additional parts & labor may be required


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2way is the only way

Lock and start your vehicle with confidence using NuStart 2-way remotes, which provide visual and audible confirmation when your commands are sent successfully.


Water-Resistant & Durable

The Nem-NU2W Remote features a high-strength injection molded body that is water-resistant and withstands everyday impact.


On cold winter mornings or blistering hot summer days, hold the remote start button on the remotes included in this kit to start your engine. Give it 10 minutes and your vehicle will be perfectly heated/cooled.

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