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8 driver safety meeting topics

Are you looking for fresh ideas for your safety talks with delivery, truck or other drivers? Coaching drivers is a critical part of fleet management that directly impacts the health and safety of drivers and other people on the road. New England Mobile Systems has you covered. We’ve put together this list of driver safety meeting topics to help make your life a bit easier.

Why driver safety talks are so important

Drivers are on the frontlines, delivering essential goods. The road is their daily workplace, so they have an opportunity to make a real impact on road safety. Reaching your company’s goal for collision reduction or increased safety scores can only happen with their participation.

Ideas for talking to fleet drivers about safety.

1. Telematics Mythbusting

If your fleet is new to telematics? Telematics myths and facts might be a good topic. Dedicating a safety talk to telematics opens up space for drivers to ask questions they might have but were too afraid to ask.

2. Vehicle Inspections

Discuss why driver vehicle inspections are important. Describe how to conduct pre- and post-trip inspections and what to look for.

3. Distracted Driving

With the amount of technology in vehicles now, distracted driving has become even more tempting. Help drivers understand your company’s rules around drinking or eating while driving, texting, and other forms of distraction.

4. Driving in bad weather

What are some ways that drivers can prepare for and manage bad weather on the road, in summer or winter?

Reading Suggestion: Winterization to Improve Uptime

5. Backing up when leaving

Parking lots can be very dangerous places. Minimize the hazard by sharing a technique, Backing Up When Leaving is also a rule in our Industry Leading Telematics System.

Reading Suggestion: Dangers of Backing Up

6. Mental health

Professional truck drivers face particular challenges to their mental health, such as long shifts, disrupted sleep, isolation and the pressure to deliver on-time, according to Safe Harbour Consulting. As a potential driver safety meeting topic, consider covering how to handle stress and anxiety on the job, and what mental health and wellness resources are available to your employees.

7. Bicycle safety

Talk about best practices for sharing the road with cyclists. Share information on the regulations in your local area.

8. Introduction to dash cams

Fleet cameras, mounted inside or outside the vehicle are becoming more popular as a way to protect businesses in the case of collisions and reduce risky driving. Help drivers feel more comfortable with this technology by describing how they work and why they are used.

Ask your team for driver safety meeting topics

A great source of topics for safety talks might be your own employees. Why not ask them for suggestions on what they would like to learn more about? Ask other managers or leaders for their feedback on driver safety talking points.


Your safety talk with your drivers could be the most important minutes or hours you spend during your day. Sharing road safety and driving safety best practices can help your employees get home to their family safely and protect someone else’s family members out there on the road.

Learn more about New England Mobile System's driver coaching systems by contacting us today.


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