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Breaking the Misconception that GPS Fleet Tracking is Only for Large Fleets

Updated: Jul 25, 2018

by Bethany Blakeney.

Too many small businesses, or large businesses with small fleets are not taking advantage of GPS Fleet Tracking Technology. They either think they can’t afford it or that they don’t need it because they only have a small number of vehicles. Some small businesses don’t even consider fleet tracking because they think it’s only for large fleets. These businesses aren’t aware of the many benefits a GPS tracking system provides or that the ROI (return on investment) more than makes up for the cost of the system. You also get benefits you can’t put a price on such as better customer experience and an edge over your competition.

We have time and time again proven that any company, even with only 1 vehicle, can benefit from GPS tracking. You may even be surprised to know that we support many companies with 1 and 2 vehicles and a large percentage of our fleets have less than 15 vehicles. We obviously also support our customers with huge fleets. All of our customers are extremely happy with the ROI (return on investment) they receive from using one of New England Mobile's Total Fleet Tracking Solutions.

We all know these very common phrases:

"You get what you pay for." and "It takes money to make money."

The main thing to keep in mind when deciding if GPS Fleet Tracking Solutions are right for your company is the opportunity for ROI (return on investment). You save on fuel (reducing distance traveled), time, increased customer service and many insurance companies offer reduced insurance costs.

To learn more about GPS Fleet Tracking for a Small Business or Small Fleet and how it can help you save money, increase productivity, and improve the safety of your drivers, check out this article: Top 9 Reasons To Use GPS Tracking Technology For Your Fleet.


New England Mobile Offers 2 of The Best Systems in The Industry. No matter the size of your fleet or your unique needs, NEM can help. Call 508.966.4155 today to schedule a live demo or go to to book your demo today.



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