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Buyer Beware: FMCSA’s ‘Registered ELD’ List Doesn’t Guarantee Compliance

Buyer Beware! There have been some additions to the list of registered ELDs on the FMCSA’s website. However, as Overdrive Magazine pointed out, inclusion on this list does not guarantee that these devices will be compliant with the new mandate. Buyers should proceed very cautiously when evaluating some of the companies listed.

Even though the mandate requires that companies choose a solution that is listed in the registry to show that it has been approved by the FMCSA, the registry itself states that, "The listed devices are self-certified by the manufacturer. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration does not endorse any electronic logging devices."

As the Overdrive article indicates, this leaves the door wide open for over-confident or opportunistic manufacturers to add their devices to the list. Those who assume that their presence on the registry means that they are in compliance with the FMCSA mandate will be left scrambling and paying hefty fines when they find out otherwise.

Given that every fleet which previously had to record and report HOS is required to comply with the ELD mandate, it is not surprising that new devices and solutions have come out of the woodwork. When choosing a solution, be sure to go with a company that has extensive experience in ELDs and will provide everything you need to comply with the mandate.

Here are several important aspects to ensure the ELD system you’re evaluating will be compliant:

  • The ELD receives data from the vehicle ECM

  • It must record vehicle location

  • It must be able to display a log graph grid of driver’s daily duty status

  • The ELD must be powered within one minute of engine powering on

  • It must record unidentified driving records when a driver is not logged into the ELD

  • The ELD must have a visual malfunction indicator

  • ELD must be able to (1) transfer data via both web services and email OR (2) transfer data via USB and Bluetooth

  • Only drivers can modify their logs, meaning that the carrier can make suggestions only.

New England Mobile's customers can rest assure, our solution covers everything on this list and will provide you with many more included features to help in other areas of your business.

When you are ready to speak with one of our experts about getting your fleet up to speed, request a demo or call 508.966.4155.

credit- Todd Dills, Overdrive Magazine



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