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FMCSA Removes 8 ELD Systems from Approved List

The FMCSA has removed 8 ELD systems from their 'Registered Devices' list. Is your fleet still compliant?

Earlier this year the FMCSA had removed a total of ten ELD's from their approved list and just removed 8 more as of December 1st. Motor carriers that are using the following ELD systems have only 60 days to replace them with a system on the FMCSA's Registered Devices list or they will be non-compliant:

  • ELD 2 GO

  • ELD4Trucking

  • ELOG365

  • Golden ELD

  • Steer Right ELD

  • TruckX-ELD

  • TST 1 ELD

  • World Trucking ELD

The FMCSA has not confirmed that there is a crackdown or that they have new techniques to detect issues during roadside inspections but it seems that is the case. More and more ELD's are being removed from the Registered Devices list until they can meet all criteria set by the mandate.

Different ELD providers have reported that issues are being detected with the transfer of data during roadside inspections. It seems that the FMCSA has better technology and is detecting tiny errors in the data. They are receiving an email highlighting the issues and telling them to respond within 72 hours with a plan to fix the issues. As long as they respond with a plan, the FMCSA gives them time to correct any problems before removing them off the Registered Devices list.

New England Mobile's ELD Solution, Geotab, has never had any issues with the FMCSA. We are proud to share that they have an entire team supporting their ELD solution as well as an in-house audit team incase you ever get audited by the DOT. (see our blog on what to expect during a DOT Audit). Geotab helps you keep accurate logs with reminders for drivers to log in and log out, real-time availability and alerts for hours of service (HOS). If you are looking for a reliable ELD solution that you do not have to worry about being removed from the FMCSA Registered Devices list, contact New England Mobile today.


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