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FMCSA Revokes 5 More ELDs

Revoked ELD

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has removed five electronic logging devices from its list of registered ELDs.

Registered ELDs have been self-certified as meeting federal standards by the provider.

ELDs Not Meeting Minimum Requirements

FMCSA placed these ELDs on the Revoked Devices list due to the companies’ failure to meet the minimum requirements established in the ELD regulations:

  • CI ELD LOGS from CV Options LLC

  • CN ELD from ELD Connection

  • KSK ELD from KSK Group Inc.

  • TT ELD 30 from TT ELD Inc.

  • TT ELD 1010 TT ELD Inc.

The removals were effective Feb. 28, 2024. If the ELD providers correct all identified deficiencies for their devices, FMCSA will place the ELDs back on the list of registered devices and inform the industry of the update.

Two of these devices — CI ELD LOGS and KSK ELD — were put on the revoked list last year, but the agency later reinstated them. Now they are again on the revoked device list.

There are currently 22 devices on the revoked list that were revoked by FMCSA. Many others have been self-revoked by the manufacturer for various reasons, such as they are no longer providing that particular ELD or have gone out of business.

What To Do If You Are Using a Revoked ELD

Motor carriers who are using these revoked ELDs must take the following steps:

  1. Discontinue using the revoked ELDs and revert to paper logs or logging software to record required hours of service data.

  2. Replace the revoked ELDs with compliant ELDs from the Registered Devices list before April 28, 2024.

Carriers have up to 60 days to replace the revoked ELDs with compliant ELDs.

Until that time, FMCSA encourages enforcement officials not to cite drivers using these revoked ELDs for 395.8(a)(1) – “No record of duty status” or 395.22(a) – “Failing to use a registered ELD.”

Instead, safety officials should request the driver’s paper logs, logging software, or use the ELD display as a back-up method to review the hours of service data.

Beginning April 28, motor carriers who continue to use the revoked devices will be considered as operating without an ELD and placed out of service.

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