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Garmin dēzl 580 LMT-S makes driving less stressful

Garmin’s dēzl 580 LMT-S is like having a personal assistant in your truck, without having to listen to their music, stop when they’re hungry or need a bathroom and hear their bad jokes again.

The New Garmin dēzl 580 LMT-S, has some one of a kind features like Easy Break Planning. Easy Break Planning is now possible thanks to timely break planning notifications with suggestions for upcoming truck stops, weigh stations, rest areas, and more. Find a full list of features below.

Garmin dēzl 580 LMT-S
Garmin’s dēzl 580 LMT-S lets you enter information about your truck to get the most accurate data.
  • A trip planner that lets you create multiple-stop routes.

  • Easy route shaping that allows you to change your route to include preferred roads or cities with the touch of the screen.

  • The ability to sync your smartphone for hands-free calling with the unit’s microphone and speakers. When paired with your phone, text messages and other alerts show up on the 580 LMT-S’ video screen.

  • Voice-activated, hands-free navigation allows you to speak to the dēzl 580 LMT-S GPS Navigator and it responds, while your hands remain on the wheel.

  • Detailed maps for North America that include truck-related restrictions – like bridge heights, dangerous curves, weight limits and related information for most major roads and highways. You create a vehicle profile —  height, weight, length, width — and then get routes suitable for the particular size and weight of your truck.

  • Break planning with notifications for parking as well as nearby food, fuel, and rest areas.

  • Locate services drivers need: truck stops, weigh stations, parking, lodging, Wi-Fi service. You can search and filter truck stops by brand name or by your preferred amenities, such as showers, scales, Wi-Fi and truck wash.

  • A truck and trailer services directory lists more than 30,000 repair and service locations in the U.S. and Canada.

  • Service history log lets you record the dates and type of service performed.

  • The dēzl 580 LMT-S has Active Lane Guidance that uses voice prompts and brightly-colored arrows to indicate the proper lane needed for your route.

  • Spoken Garmin Real Directions uses recognizable landmarks, buildings, and traffic lights, rather than hard-to-see or nonexistent street signs

New England Mobile has been recommending the Dezl Line of Garmins to our Large Vehicle customers for years. We find that no other system compares when it comes to features catered around the trucking industry.

If you already use our Fleet Tracking System, you can even integrate the system through the Gramins. You can send routes and messages directly to the garmin through your Fleet Tracking System which makes dispatching a breeze!

Contact New England Mobile for price info:


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