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Lifespan of an SD Card for Dash Cams or Video Surveillance

Most current dash cams will work fine (for a while) with any class 10 microSD/SD card. You can use either regular or High Endurance cards. Regular cards are cheaper, but you may find that in dash cams — and in other security cameras — regular SD cards tend to fail you after a couple of months.

Many manufacturers include an SD card with the camera, specifically to avoid that their customers buy a cheap memory card and then become frustrated when their camera stops recording after a short while.

If your camera doesn’t come with an SD card, we recommend to get a High Endurance card designed for video monitoring. New England Mobile only sells High Endurance SD cards.

Lifespan of a High Endurance SD Card

Most quality, high endurance SD cards that are being used for constant monitoring have a lifespan of 10,000 hours of continuous reading and writing. That's about 1 year!

Remember, It's always a good idea to check your SD cards every month to make sure they are being written properly. If you have questions or need assistance selecting a new SD card for your camera contact New England Mobile.


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