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Part 1-The Extra Benefits of ELD's

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Now that ELDs have been in constant use for a year for most fleets and drivers, they are discovering additional gains from having the devices.

ELDs (electronic logging devices) have been making news for over a year now, since officially last Dec. 18, when their usage was mandated for most commercial truckers by the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) and US DOT (US Department of Transpotation) in order to improve safety. ELDs have generated a lot of talk, action and reaction.

While many long-time truckers have stressed out over having to change course from notating their data in paper logbooks as they have done most of their careers, our ELD customers tell us, there are many more gains from the devices than had been expected initially.

In this 3 part Series, New England Mobile will highlight some of those benefits.


More data means more ways to perfect the system

Fleets which have gone the full-featured ELD route now have a ton of data on fleet operations that they didn’t have before. This enables them to drill down and find additional opportunities for improvement; preventive maintenance, scheduling, staffing, you name it. Data and measurement are crucial for operational improvement.

More than the driver and fleet owner can benefit from ELDs. Adding them can provide data to make better decisions and be more efficient. In addition, if the right product is purchased, the ELD technology can be a platform that opens the door to using third-party applications, customer-created applications, and other features that the technology itself enables. ELD products are becoming more open and collaborative and enabling technology versus the traditional purpose-built systems of the past. In other words, buy the right system and you can get ELD and other telematics capability, but the door opens to integrate and enable solving new and future problems because of the new technology.

New England Mobile's ELD Solution is 100% Open Platform. They have partner companies with integrated solutions as well as the ability to let users create their own solutions using the open platform. They are really one of the top technology leading, telematics companies on the market. It's more than just an ELD, it is a full blown ELD, Fleet Management and Tracking Solution. The GPS tracking capabilities help with flexibility as it gives carriers better insight into where a driver is located and why a driver is in a certain situation in regard to their shipments.

Notation capabilities through our ELD system, allow fleet managers and carriers to see if a driver is stuck in traffic or off the road due to adverse weather, off duty at shops for repairs, or waiting to load or unload, which can build the case for revisiting the split sleeper berth provision.


Easier to pinpoint route problems and other issues

ELDs are showing carriers where the inefficiencies and delays are in their customer bases and routes, if they are looking. Progressive carriers are using this data to drive discussions with their customers and drivers.

Other carriers have seen the introduction of the ELD as an opportunity to incorporate improvements, such as better communications with the driver, position and route tracking, delay tracking, driver performance tracking, and actual fuel mileage tracking. In many cases before ELDs, the carrier knew or had seen inefficiencies and issues within the operation but was unable to get accurate tracking to see where the problems actually were since many drivers using paper logs were very good at hiding the inefficiencies and issues. When an ELD with extended capabilities is used, the actual issues become visible and then they can be addressed. This then can help the bottom line. ELDs allow drivers more time for addressing other concerns now that they don’t have to fill out daily written logbooks.


New England Mobile Offers full training for users of our ELD/Fleet Management System. We also offer live demos of the system for fleet managers and owners who are interested in learning more. Please visit us on the web for more information.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this 3 Part Blog Series to read about more unexpected benefits of ELDs.


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