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The Value of Telematics

Learn about the value of telematics and how to utilize it to increase fleet efficiency, productivity, driver safety and savings.

What is telematics?

Telematics uses GPS technology and on-board diagnostics (OBD) to monitor trucks, cars, equipment and other assets. Telematics tracks the movement of these assets on a map via the computer and even on a cell phone app. Telematics is also known as Fleet Tracking or GPS Vehicle Tracking.

How can telematics help me in my fleet management?

Telematics is a key enabler to the success of your business. It keeps the operation of fleets efficient, safe and sustainable. Very often, we see similar concerns raised by our customers or fleet managers through our interactions with them. To name a few, they include:

  • Is my driver driving safely?

  • Is the vehicle idling?

  • How much is the fuel consumption?

This is where telematics becomes an essential solution for fleet management. It provides answers to these questions.

Understanding driver’s behavior

Speeding, harsh braking and cornering are dangerous driving behaviour that can be detected via our fleet management system. With these data insights, you can improve your drivers’ driving practices through coaching to improve driver safety, promote greater efficiency of your fleets and generate cost savings.

Vehicle idling

An idling vehicle increases fuel consumption, adds stress to your engine and increases operational costs. A few common scenarios may include a driver who leaves the car for a toilet break or grabs a bite at the gas station while leaving the vehicle’s engine running. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), idling burns up to an eighth of a gallon of diesel fuel per hour and vehicles that idle more than 50% of their time experience higher maintenance costs. This can be very costly to your business operations. New England Mobile offers tools to help businesses manage vehicle idling, improve fuel economy and reduce carbon emissions.

Fuel consumption

Fuel is a major operating cost for fleets and there is constant pressure for businesses to manage costs. A telematics solution is able to track vehicle idling, speeding, tire pressure and vehicle details to provide insight on how much fuel your fleets are using and why. Therefore, you can optimize your vehicle utilization and implement effective measures to improve fuel efficiency.

Of course, the role and benefits of telematics in fleet management is more than just that. With the right telematics solution, fleet managers can improve business performance, reduce operating costs and innovate for the future.

Want to learn more? Find out how you can simplify fleet management with New England Mobile Systems by scheduling a demo.


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