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Whats New In Geotab Drive

Welcome to What’s New — a must-read summary of recent Geotab Drive updates for our ELD users.

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New HOS Rulesets in Geotab Drive

A number of new state-specific Hours of Service (HOS) rulesets have been added to the system (listed below). See the full list of supported rulesets and exemptions in Geotab’s Hours of Service Ruleset Matrix.

To learn more about enabling rulesets, please see the Drive App Manual.

Alaska Property Intrastate 70-hour/7-day

Alaska Property Intrastate 80-hour/8-day

Alaska Passenger Intrastate 70-hour/7-day

Alaska Passenger Intrastate 80-hour/8-day

California Property Intrastate with Break

Oregon Property Intrastate 70-hour/7-day

Oregon Property Intrastate 80-hour/8-day

Maryland Property Intrastate Short Haul 70-hour/7-day

Maryland Property Intrastate Short Haul 80-hour/8-day

Nebraska Property Intrastate 70-hour/7-day

Nebraska Property Intrastate 80-hour/8-day

North Dakota Property Intrastate 70-hour/7-day

North Dakota Property Intrastate Short Haul

South Carolina Property Intrastate 70-hour/7-day

South Carolina Property Intrastate 80-hour/8-day

Geotab Drive Login Page Update

We have updated the Geotab Drive Login page to separate the username and password for future third-party sign in integrations (SAML/OAuth).

Manage Shipments and Trailers Quickly and Easily

Shipments have been integrated into the login/logout workflow. Geotab Drive users can now detach trailers directly in the logout workflow.

Updated workflow for users:

  1. When logging into the app, you will now have the option to attach shipments by clicking the New Shipment button.

  2. Fill in the shipper name, commodity, shipment document number details and click Add.

  3. When logging out of the app, you will be prompted to detach trailers or shipments by clicking the “x” next to the trailer or shipment details.

Trailer and Shipment Audit Logs

Audit logs are now available for trailer and shipment log updates, as well as the option to add, edit or remove.

Annotations for System Logs

When switching assets, login/logout system records will be annotated to reflect this change.

Co-Driver Exemption for Oil Well Wait Time

The Oil Wait Time exemption is now available for co-drivers. To use this exemption, please note the following:

  • Co-driver should be in OFF duty and it will freeze the consecutive clock.

  • Both driver and co-drivers should be able to independently use the Oil Well Wait Time exemption.

HOS | Enable 30-Minute Rest Exemption

Drivers have the option to enable a 30-minute rest exemption on federal rules requirements.

Each includes the option to enable a 24-hour restart or an oil well wait time and 24-hour restart via a toggle.

Update to Vehicle Inspections (DVIR)

DVIR reports have been visually improved to include dropdown options for each part such as tires or wheels and rims, as opposed to selecting defects from a pop-up.

Annotations will be added to the driver’s current HOS log noting whether it was a pre-trip or post-trip DVIR based on the DVIR type selected by the driver.

Print your vehicle inspections right from MyGeotab. To produce a PDF file, go to the desired DVIR and click Print.

In the same DVIR page, please note that we have separated the DVIR Repaired and Not Necessary buttons.