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BackUp Cameras

Third Brake Light Backup Cameras

Wired Backup Cam
Wireless Backup Cam
Wired Backup Camera System

Our wired backup camera systems come in

many shapes and sizes and are suitable for any application that exists. From RV backup cameras,

to pickup trucks reverse cameras, to bus backup cameras, and everything in between, our aftermarket backup camera systems will help keep Drivers and vehicles safe. All our systems come with waterproof backup cameras and excellent night vision to ensure the best view at all times. Only one power source is needed in our wired systems, and your rearview camera system can easily be customized with additions such as a mobile DVR or sensors. Our rear view camera systems work perfectly on vehicles of any length. NEM will Install and Support any of our systems.

  • quad view monitor

  • 360 Bird's eye view system

  • rear view mirror monitor

  • GPS Navigation

  • Mirror Link for Cell Phone

  • and much more

  • monitor size

  • sensors

  • trailer tow quick connect kit

  • multiple cameras

  • side cameras

  • dual lens camera

wireless backup camera system

A wireless connection between the backup camera and monitor means that with these systems, there is no need to run cabling through your vehicle. This will cut down the cost of installation and you will no longer have to worry about replacing worn wires over time. All of our wireless systems also come with waterproof wireless backup cameras and excellent night vision to ensure these systems provide the best quality image as well as an easy install. NEM will install and support any of our systems.

Commercial Backup Camera
100% Customizable
Commercial Backup Cameras

Our commercial backup cameras are perfect for larger applications including; Trucks, Semi Trailers, Buses, Cargo Vans, RV's & Ambulances. These backup cameras are completely waterproof & come with infra-red lights for excellent night vision to provide the best possible view at all times. NEM will install & support any cameras we sell.

Trailer Tow Quick Disconnect Kit

Trailer Tow- Quick Connect/Disconnect Kit


We offer a wide range of cAMERA accessories, Like our Trailer Tow Quick Connect/Disconnect Kit- A great add on for wIRED Backup Camera Solutions with trucks that pull Trailers and more.


Compact Backup Camera
Compact Backup Camera

These compact backup cameras are perfect for cars and smaller vehicles. Mounting on the license plate or in the license plate area, these back up cameras are completely waterproof and come with ultra wide viewing angles and excellent night vision for the best view from behind your vehicle at all times. NEM will Install & Support Any Cameras we sell.

OEM Backup Camera

OEM Backup Cameras are made for specific vehicles. They will fit in an existing spot on the vehicle and end up being exactly like a factory install. Nem will install and support any of the cameras we sell.

OEM Backup Cameras
Third Brake Light Backup Cam
Mirror Mounted Monitors
Self Standing Monitors

New England Mobile offers stand alone rear view monitors as well as Rear View Mirror Monitors. Please Contact Us to Learn About Available Options

Rear View Monitors

Replacing your third brake light (chmsl) with one of these will give you a third brake light with a backup camera built-in! This placement allows you to mount a backup camera discreetly without causing an eyesore on your van. Each of these back up cameras are completely waterproof and come with excellent night vision and a wide viewing angle for the best view at all times.

Brake Light Backup Camera
Brake Light Backup Camera
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