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For your Personal needs

Back-Up Cam Screen

Your safety is our number one priority with all of our rear view camera systems. From helping you back up in difficult situations, to making it easier to manage a trailer, and everything in-between, aftermarket backup cameras give any operator the extra visibility they need to protect themselves, their vehicles, and the people around them.

Lukas LK 9390

Dash cameras are designed to mount to a vehicle's windshield and record everything seen out the front of the vehicle. Their purpose is manifold; they come in great use in case of an accident for insurance reasons or to present to a court, they can be used to dispute matters and protect Drivers. They are also a great way to record all the priceless moments on the road.

Mobile DVR

With a mobile DVR installed, not only will you be able to see your blind spots, all camera views will be recorded as well. This recorded footage can prove invaluable for accident and insurance reasons and to help manage and oversee vehicles.With massive storage capabilities and the ability to connect high resolution cameras, the series works perfectly to capture all detail from the road including license plate numbers and street signs. 

Backup Cameras Fleet Solutions
Dashcams for personal
mobile dvrs

Birds Eye View: 4 ultra wide cameras

provide a complete view around vehicle. System stitches views together to simulate

a bird's eye view of vehicle.

360 Degree Cameras

Split Screen View: System splits the screen and provides bird's eye view on the left and actual camera view on the right of the display.

Automatic Triggers: Set triggers to have the camera view change automatically. E.g. see the backup camera when you go into reverse.

360 Camera System
  • Stand Alone Monitors

Mirror Mounted Monitors
Self Standing Monitors
  • Mirror Mounted Monitors

rear view monitors

Sensor systems work harmoniously with backup camera systems in that they alert the driver audibly so that he/she is aware of obstacles behind their vehicle, even without looking at the rear view monitor. These proximity sensors can also easily be added to a backup camera system for the ultimate protection and safety of being able to see, and be warned audibly about obstacles behind the vehicle. We also offer stand alione options.

Safety Sensors
  • Alerts drivers upon detecting drowsiness

  • Advanced algorithms allow system to work in all conditions

  • Works day and night and even while driver is wearing glasses

  • mounts to dash

DriverFatigue Systems (personal)
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