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Fresh Ideas to Improve Fleet Productivity

There are many ways to improve fleet productivity. Here are some tools that can help.

In this blog post, we’ll break down three categories of solutions currently available with NEM's fleet management solution that help improve fleet productivity. We’ll explore how they work, what they’re used for, and how they can impact performance.


1. Mobile Forms

Go paperless. While mobile forms have been around for a while, the latest solutions have new features and use telematics to capture real-time data. Automatic field completion means you don’t have to spend time filling in the same information on multiple forms.

Mobile forms also help reduce incomplete or incorrect entries due to human error, and eliminate the problem of lost paper forms.

  • Add-ons we offer enable you to convert any paper form into a mobile one. Track every job from start to finish and capture proof of visit information such as photos, serial numbers and signatures for quick delivery.

For all paperless form solutions, please contact New England Mobile Systems.

2. Asset & Trailer Tracking

Keep track of your fleet with solar, battery and Bluetooth-operated asset trackers. With full visibility over the location, use and health of each of your vehicles, you can better allocate your available resources. A rightsized fleet means that every asset is assigned to the best-fit job, which can increase your organization’s capacity.

Stay one step ahead and anticipate when maintenance will be needed — before a critical event slows down your workflow.

  • One of our options offers fully integrated wired, solar and battery asset trackers. You can view all your assets in the same vehicle list in MyGeotab, and receive theft incident support monitoring.

  • Another option we offer is a rugged solar-powered tracking solution that supports long-term remote deployments without requiring battery replacement. It can be used on both powered and non-powered equipment.

For all asset & trailer tracking solutions, please contact New England Mobile Systems.

3. Fleet Management

Fleet Management solutions automate day-to-day operational tasks, freeing you to focus on more pressing items in your schedule. These tools provide greater transparency and control over vehicle location, speed and battery level, and can help you make data-driven decisions regarding loading, dispatch and delivery practices.

  • One add-on we offer integrates Geotab technology with the Salesforce platform. Fleet managers can dispatch the closest drivers to work orders, monitor fuel levels in real-time, and more.

  • Another add-on solution we offer helps speed up fleet maintenance planning, allowing you to focus on other tasks. All aspects of fleet management can be viewed and controlled centrally. Create maintenance schedules, build custom forms and communicate with drivers in the field.

For all fleet management solutions, please contact New England Mobile Systems.


Looking for more ways to improve your fleet’s productivity? Contact one of New England Mobile's Fleet Telematics Specialists Today!

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